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We humans are creatures of habit. And in a world where routine has become norm, we all need time away, a break, new stimulus for our senses, to get our old grey cells working to full capacity again. Travel is one of the best ways to re-kindle our love of life as it opens us up to new and exciting experiences. A great way to immerse yourself wholeheartedly in an adventure holiday is to visit Sri Lanka national parks of which Sri Lanka is blessed with many. Because Sri Lanka

Why Climb Adam’s Peak? Adam’s Peak is the second tallest mountain in Sri Lanka and is a popular hiking trail that is also linked to several religious roots. Also known as Sri Pada, the top of the mountain is where Adam’s footprints are located. People believe that this is the spot where Adam landed when he was dispelled from paradise onto earth. Buddhists, Tamils, Christians and Muslims all have a religious belief associated to this footprint. Mostly Buddhists perform pilgrimages on this trail and other interested hikers climb the mountain

If you want your trip to Sri Lanka with your significant other to be extra special, then we suggest that you try out these holiday ideas we have selected for you. Sri Lanka is a paradise island that is well known, but within this tiny island there are hidden pockets of beauty just waiting to be experienced. It is sure to add that extra spark to your vacation. If you are here to enjoy your honeymoon or just to have some quality couple time together, these are places you should

It might follow a pre-determined track but the sense of freedom you experience when you travel by train is hard to explain. A train journey in Sri Lanka is extra special because the country has such a diverse terrain that takes you from the coastal belt to up-country splendor and everything in between. Train travel is very affordable and you can get to almost all the interesting destinations in Sri Lanka. Spend your time watching the scenery, reading, writing or planning your trip. It provides the perfect time for reflection

An endless coastline is Sri Lanka’s blessing and is why beach lovers from all over the world travel here to experience an idyllic beach getaway. Warm weather, affordable and a friendly atmosphere all add to the appeal of Sri Lanka as a holiday destination. Below are just three of the main beaches worth adding to your list of beaches to experience, if it is your first time to Sri Lanka. Bentota beach A bustling beach resort, very popular with visitors. Bentota in down south Sri Lanka, is perfect if you

Explore the mysterious and calm beaches of Pasikuda this holiday season! Situated along the eastern coast of Sri Lanka, this beach is a blessing in disguise for those looking to avoid large crowds. What it was… Due to the civil war in the country, getting to Pasikuda was difficult with security restrictions and so on. As a result, citizens were not very aware of the existence of the breathtaking coastline on the east of Sri Lanka. Hence it is often described as an untouched and recently discovered beach holiday spot