Top five hotels to visit in Pasikuda

Pasikuda Beach Sri Lanka

Explore the mysterious and calm beaches of Pasikuda this holiday season! Situated along the eastern coast of Sri Lanka, this beach is a blessing in disguise for those looking to avoid large crowds.

What it was…

Due to the civil war in the country, getting to Pasikuda was difficult with security restrictions and so on. As a result, citizens were not very aware of the existence of the breathtaking coastline on the east of Sri Lanka. Hence it is often described as an untouched and recently discovered beach holiday spot in Sri Lanka.

What it is…

After recovering well from the tsunami wreckage, the tourism industry has opened up several premium standard hotels along the coastline of Pasikuda where one can enjoy a relaxing holiday on the beach. Tourists can now enjoy a range of activities on the Pasikuda beach:

  • Enjoy a long and soothing walk on the unspoiled beaches
  • Relax on the beach and give your body a lovely sun tan
  • Teach and learn swimming and enjoy fun time with your children in the long stretches of shallow waters
  • Play water games with your friends and family
  • Enjoy a boat ride
  • Indulge in water sports such as jet skiing or snorkeling to explore the coral reefs


  • Pasikuda is a town located in the Batticaloa district (Eastern Province), 35kms northwest from Batticaloa.
  • Distance from Colombo: Approx 300 kms (6 hrs by road)
  • Distance from Kandy: Approx 200 kms (4 hrs by road)
  • Distance from Bandaranaike International Airport: Approx 280 kms
  • Distance from Mattala Rajapakse International Airport: Approx 245 kms
  • Travelling Options: Fastest route is to fly to Batticaloa and then drive to Pasikuda. You could probably reach in 2 hours from Colombo to Pasikuda via this option. Train is the cheapest option but takes over 13 hours to get there. Many people choose to drive in private or tour vehicles.
  • Popular languages: Tamil, Sinhalese

What’s in store reading forward?

The team at walk insight recently visited the hotels in Pasikuda in an effort to review them and provide helpful tips for travelers visiting the area. Our review will give travelers an idea about the many luxury resorts available at this exotic beach spot so you can enjoy a wonderful holiday based on your level of preferred luxury. Let us now discuss what we would rate as the top five hotels to visit in Pasikuda.


  1. Anantaya Pasikuda

Photo credit: Anantaya Resorts and Spa Pasikuda

Anantaya Pasikuda is the best out of the five hotels we reviewed. It is a newly opened holiday resort that offers an enchanting getaway with extravagantly designed rooms, suites and villas for extreme pampering during your stay at the hotel. Equipped with the most modern and branded amenities, the rooms include large open sun decks, plunge pools, amazing sea views and much more attention to detail.

Designed by a Thai-based firm, the resort is a unique, splendid architectural masterpiece that can take your breath away. If you are looking for an authentic Sri Lankan atmosphere though, this may not be the place to be. The architecture is different in an incredible way but only includes a touch of Sri Lankan culture. This project by LAUGFS Leisure Ltd is still in its soft launch stage, opened in July 2016, and is the latest addition to the offering of infinite luxury on an amazing landscape.

The resort offers first rate hospitality and unmatchable service to its guests. During our review, we found that the front desk staff, manager, chefs and food and beverage managers were very friendly. They all made an effort to mingle with customers and obtain feedback on the hotel and service standards. There is absolutely nothing to complain about with regards to the food, service and level of luxury at this hotel but one drawback we saw is that Anantaya Pasikuda doesn’t rank well in terms of their beachfront. The hotel is located right next to Uga Bay and Maalu Maalu resort on the same beach stretch but compared to those two hotels, Anantaya lacks an attractive beachfront. Although they do have a huge and fantastic pool that you can indulge in for a peaceful swim.

Facilities Available:

  • Fully equipped gymnasium
  • Sports such as badminton, beach volleyball, darts, chess, water polo and water aerobics
  • Water sports such as jet skiing, snorkeling, banana boating, deep water diving, sunset cruising and much more


tripadvisor agoda
#1 hotel in Pasikuda 9.8/10 – “Exceptional” 8.0/10 – “Very good”


Contact: +94 65 223 3200


  1. Uga Bay

Photo credit: Uga Bay by Uga Escapes Sri Lanka

Uga Bay – Pasikuda ranks as the second best hotel to visit according to our review team. The biggest plus point is the location of this hotel; giving it the best beachfront. The hotel opens out to a stunning stretch of clear waters and white sand which is a dream come true for beach lovers.

The natural beauty of the breathtaking beach landscape perfectly complements the awe-inspiring tropical and Mediterranean style architecture that surrounds the hotel. Uga Bay has been in the industry for awhile and offers first class service, utmost privacy and is an exclusive luxury hotel in Sri Lanka. All facilities at the hotel are well maintained, leaving no room for guests to complain. The highlight at this hotel is the underground spa that offers guests amazing views of the Indian Ocean while they are being pampered to massages and therapies.

In early 2016, a premier travel website – TripAdvisor awarded Uga Bay with a “Traveller’s Choice Award”, which really upped the market for this resort. It is definitely one hotel to consider when on the lookout for where to stay in Pasikuda. The hotel offers luxurious rooms, great food and top class hospitality; what more does one need for a perfect holiday!

Facilities Available:

  • Gymnasium
  • Infinity Pool
  • Spa
  • Water sports
  • Laundry
  • Resort-wide Wi-Fi
  • Modern in-room amenities



TripAdvisor: #2 hotel in Pasikuda
Agoda: 9.1/10 – “Exceptional” 9.0/10 – “Wonderful”


Contact: +94 65 5671000


  1. Maalu Maalu Resort & Spa


Maalu Maalu Resort and Spa Pasikuda

Photo credit: Maalu Maalu Resort and Spa Pasikuda

Maalu Maalu offers guests an authentic Sri Lankan experience on the beach, putting together sight, sounds and lifestyle of local citizens. The traditional atmosphere is what makes the resort stand out amongst the other hotels on the Pasikuda beachfront. In 2012, the hotel was named as “Best New Luxury Hotel in Sri Lanka” at the World Luxury Hotel Awards.

The atmosphere of the hotel is quite charming and attractive. Staff is quite friendly but not very efficient in doing their job. The food was not very commendable; we believe it could have been much better in terms of taste and presentation. The wooden chalet rooms have a nice ocean view and are equipped with all modern amenities but they could have been a little more spacious and they looked quite worn out to us. Compared to the above two hotels, service and quality at Maalu Maalu was not very much up to standard and we saw a lot of room for improvement in terms of service.

Facilities Available:

  • Spa
  • Water Sports
  • Cycling
  • Excursions
  • Conference Facilities
  • Wedding Arrangements


TripAdvisor: #3 hotel in Pasikuda
Agoda: 8.5/10 – “Excellent” 8.8/10 – “Fabulous”


Contact: +94 65 7 388 388


  1. Sunrise by Jetwing

Photo credit: Sunrise by Jetwing

Sunrise by Jetwing is another exclusive luxury hotel that tops our list of best five hotels in Pasikuda. The rooms at this hotel are very spaciously designed and equipped with everything you can think of that should be in a hotel room. Each room has a private balcony overlooking the ocean but the view is quite obstructed by the palm trees fringed on the beach. Hence the best sunrise view is possible only if you walk up to the shore. The massive 109 meter long swimming pool however has a great view of the ocean and is also shaded with a roof in some areas if you want to take a dip in the water and the weather is too hot to dip in the sea.

The food was tasty indeed but the spread variety could have been better considering Jetwing hotels are known for their great food. The staff also could have been much better in terms of communicating with guests. The warm feeling was not there upon entering the hotel. The beachfront however is quite nice and peaceful, away from the crowds of the other hotels along that stretch.

Facilities Available:

  • Modern in-room amenities
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Swimming pool
  • Open air Jacuzzi
  • Fitness center
  • Sports such as pool, foosball and table tennis


TripAdvisor: #7 hotel in Pasikuda
Agoda: 9.1/10 – “Exceptional” 8.7/10 – “Fabulous”


Contact: +94 65 2 058865


  1. Anilana Pasikuda

Photo credit: Anilana Pasikuda

Anilana Pasikuda is another beautiful property on the eastern coastline of Sri Lanka. Designed with attention to technological detail, the hotel is equipped with fiber optic infra structure that allows guests to enjoy high speed internet services. In terms of architecture however, the property does not rank so well in our books. The food was mildly satisfactory. Although it was an a la carte menu, the choices were good. Staff service according to our experience could have been much better. The location of the hotel does not provide a great beachfront too either hence we found the hotel not so attractive compared to the others on our list.

Facilities Available:

  • Luxury sailing
  • Snorkeling and diving
  • Cultural tours
  • Water sports
  • Culinary arts


TripAdvisor: #4 hotel in Pasikuda
Agoda: 8.7/10 – “Excellent”


Contact: +94 65 2 030900


Wrapping it up…

The above reviews are based only on our experience at each of these hotels. Hotel experiences can vary from person to person at each hotel. For example, although our team may think food and service can be improved at one hotel, another guest may find that the food and service at that hotel was spectacular. Hence we would love to hear your reviews and opinions of these hotels and also let us know whether or not you agree with our top 5 ratings. If not, what would be on your list of top 5 holiday resorts in Pasikuda? Your feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Walk Insight Team
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